The Best Vlogging Gimbal: 9 Vlogging Tips for Amazing Videos

by StayblCam Team August 17, 2020

Thanks to the improvements in digital gadgets, everyone can produce their own media products and be as creative as possible. However, you will need to make your content stand-out from others. We give you 9 vlogging tips to transform home-made videos to professional-looking ones by using vlogging gimbals.


In this article:

  1. Image Quality
  2. Stabilization: Vlogging Gimbal
  3. The Classic Push-In
  4. The Classic Push-Out
  5. Moving Car Shot
  6. Motion Time-Lapse
  7. Underslung Push-In / Pull-Out
  8. Parallax
  9. Practice, Practice, and Practice


Image Quality

Nowadays, there are many monitors and TVs that support 4K resolution, or UHD - ultra-high definition. 4K resolution is used in commercial digital cinema using the 4096 x 2160 option and results in clear and realistic images with no pixelation. In fact, the benefit of shooting in 4K is a quadrupled resolution compared to 1080p.

When it comes to editing your videos, you will find it easier to do so with high-performance computers, but they aren't always within budget, so look for processing power, memory and hard drive space.

But, don't let an unaffordable computer stop you from vlogging - just about any computer these days can edit a simple video, even your smartphone!


Stabilization: Vlogging Gimbal

There is one main reason why vloggers increasingly use vlogging gimbals, and that is because of the stabilization that it brings to the quality of the videos. It's clear (excuse the pun) that you don't want shaky clips that will make your audience nauseous, which is why it's a 'must' tool for vloggers.

StayblCam provides filming equipment, including vlogging gimbals, that help you record better-looking video and prevent any shaking or jerky footage from a hand-held camera or smartphone recordings. With affordable prices and stunning quality from stabilization, StayblCam products will amaze you with outstanding video results.


The Classic Push-In

For this movement, try to be 'super' stable, by moving the gimbal steadily forward towards your subject. This classic tip can be used to capture moving or stationary subjects. You can adjust your gimbal to suit your angles, whichever you think catches the subject's best side.


The Classic Pull-Out

Same as the push-in, but in reverse. The best way to shoot this is to try walking backward as the subject is walking toward the camera. If you can, ask someone to guide you, so there's no danger of falling over. 

Moving Car Shot

a  moving car shot | Moving Car Shot | The Best Vlogging Gimbal: 9 Vlogging Tips for Amazing Videos

Instead of using a car mount, hold your gimbal in your hands as you sit in the passenger seat. Point the camera out the passenger window, or stick it entirely out of the window. Feel free to pan, tilt, or roll to create the most suitable effects for your videos.

Pro Tip: Shots from a moving vehicle can be edited into emotional scenes with music in the background.


Motion Time-Lapse

Vlogging gimbals can be used as a steady tripod to make time-lapse motion videos. Setting a scenery route with your gimbal also allows you to make panning shots. This action lets you capture beautiful and smooth-moving shots of skies or the movement of a city at night. Use a filter for day shots to make videos less chaotic. 

Using a gimbal will also make for great hyper-lapse videos - think timelapse on steroids.


Underslung Push-In/Pull-Out

Using the gimbal to suspend your recording device, use a low angle, and sweep the ground as you walk. Use the gimbal to push in and out to get a dynamic view of the subject.


Like perspective, the parallax effect serves to create depth and make the shot more dynamic. It works well using a low angle and shot at a distance from the subject. You can get a smooth and orbiting motion of the subject by keeping the subject in the frame's center. Then try to circulate around the subject 180 degrees, or even a full 360 degrees to get the stunning effects.


Practice, Practice, and Practice

a girl is using a gimble | Practice, Practice, and Practice | The Best Vlogging Gimbal: 9 Vlogging Tips for Amazing Videos

All these tips will help you to make professional-looking videos at home. With a little practice and finding your own inspiration, you'll be shooting awesome videos in no time at all.

We hope these 10 tips will give you more support on becoming a vlogger. Be confident with your ideas; let StayblCam be your "right hand" to provide you with delightful and effortless videos to share with everyone.

We hope these tips help you to get great videos. StayblCam will change the way you record videos with your cell phone or compact digital camera. We can help you create smooth and professional-looking videos with ease.

Do you have any more tips you can share? Comment below.

StayblCam Team
StayblCam Team


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