9 Pet Photography Tips and Tricks To Get Clear Photos Every Time

by StayblCam Team August 12, 2020

Your pet is part of your family, and they will create precious memories that are worth capturing on camera. However, this is easier said than done with energetic dogs or squirming cats. In this article, we give you 9 tips and tricks to get clear pet photos every time.

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  1. Gimbals
  2. Lighting
  3. Pet Photography: Eye-level
  4. Pet Photography: Don't Frighten Your Pet
  5. Pet Photography: Pick the right day
  6. Pet Photography: Know Your Pet
  7. Pet Photography: Treats
  8. Pet Photography: Toys
  9. Pet Photography: Follow Your Pet


Gimbals are also known as camera stabilizers. It allows any camera mounted on it to be independent of the movement of the person holding the gimbal. A gimbal is a vital tool to enable you to capture smooth, steady photographs.

StayblCam is a handheld gimbal that can hold all Apple and Android phones, GoPro's, and most compact digital cameras. Unlike many of its competitors, its patented design is battery-free, waterproof, and durable. StayblCam is made in the USA and is the most affordable, quality gimbal in its category.


It's important to have good lighting for a good photograph. Outside in natural light is best, but near a window can also work well. Capturing a clear close up of your pet's eyes can create a beautiful portrait. However, you should never use a flash as it startles and upsets animals.

Pet Photography: Eye-level

You should always photograph or film a pet at their eye-level. It makes a much more exciting photograph or video. StayblCam can help you capture their view of the world with its user-friendly camera stabilizer.

Pet Photography: Don't Frighten Your Pet

a man playing with his dog | Don't Frighten Your Pet | Don't Frighten Your Pet

Cats, in particular, may feel nervous about a camera unexpectedly pointed at their face. Taking pictures over a few days, while gradually getting closer, will allow your cat to adjust to the camera obscuring your face. This method will allow you to take great pet photographs again and again.

Pet Photography: Pick the Right Day

To capture your pet at their most natural, they must be well-rested and fed. You know your pet best; you understand when they are just not having a great day.

Pet Photography: Know Your Pet

Everyone who has a four-legged friend knows that they have their routine. They wake up when they want, and they sleep when they want. If you are attuned to this routine, you will know the time of day that your pet is most active and playful. This is a great time to take their picture.

Pet Photography: Treats

Dog & Puppy Photography

A useful tool for dog photography is using treats. Dogs and puppies enjoy learning simple tasks. This allows you to introduce a treat once your dog has completed the task a few times. When you go to capture them on your camera, the dog will respond, knowing there is a treat to follow.

Cat & Kitten Photography

Using your cat's favorite food can help attract their attention. A cat will turn towards the source of the smell of their favorite food. This is an effective method than can be applied to most animals.

Pet Photography: Toys

a cat posing with his toy | Toys | 9 Pet Photography Tips and Tricks To Get Clear Photos Every Time

If you want to catch your pet at their most playful, give them time to play and interact with a favorite toy. Throwing a ball and running alongside your dog with a gimbal will provide you with a great action shot.

Pet Photography: Follow Your Pet

To get a good cat or dog photograph, you may need to spend some time just watching them. If you call out to them, you interrupt the flow of your pet going about their day.

If your dog likes sniffing their way around the garden, follow them with your camera. If your cat likes looking out the window, don't disturb them; instead, take photographs. Most pets have a favorite spot in your home. It's good to have your camera ready to capture them where they like to spend their day.


To get great pet photographs, you should take lots of different pictures and videos of your pet over a few days. Using tools that come with most phones and cameras will allow you to adjust and edit the best photographs so you can share them with family and friends.

We hope these tips help you to get great pet photographs. Pet videos are a great way to record your pet having fun, StayblCam will change the way you record videos with your cell phone or compact digital camera. We can help you create smooth and professional-looking videos with ease.


StayblCam Team
StayblCam Team


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