Best Gimbal Stabilizer for Travel

by Eskil Nordhaug January 10, 2020

It's the beginning of a new year, and many of us are already making travel plans for trips and vacations. Traveling is all about the experiences we encounter - and capturing those moments forever on video is the best way to share your trip with friends, or to look back on as memories later in life.

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Pretty much everyone these days carries their mobile phone with them. Our phones have taken over to become our #1 camera for both photos and videos, although some people still prefer recording videos on things like action cameras, or 360 degree cameras.

So with your phone already in your pocket - what else do you need to best capture all those memorable sights and sounds when traveling?

The answer is having a good, portable video-tool such as a video stabilizer. To that, some people might say...

"But - my phone already has built in video stabilization!"

Well, to some extent yes - but a proper video stabilizer such as the StayblCam does so much more than just "stabilize" your video.

Built-in phone camera stabilization can also only do so much, and will never be able to make your footage as smooth and stable as any hand-held device can.

It also functions as an extension of your arm - and allows you to capture really unique angles and shots that you may not otherwise be able to. Let's take a look at some of the things that make this the best video stabilizer for traveling.

The Best Travel Gimbal On the Go

Although the StayblCam is not a typical "gimbal" in that sense of the word (which usually work with electronic motors) - it still belongs to the same product category - but offers up a lot more than the competition.

best gimbal for travel

Let's take a look at some of the main reasons you should consider packing one for your next trip:

1) No need for batteries or charging

Imagine going on an exciting day trip or vacation where you may at times have limited access to electricity and chargers. You can of course bring a USB powerbank to charge your phone, but if you had an electronic gimbal stabilizer, it may not charge sufficiently from it.

Not to mention that their batteries will eventually die after just a couple of continuous use. 

The StayblCam works mechanically, and therefore has no batteries or electronics you have to worry about. Because of this, you can do unlimited video recording for weeks without ever having to think about charging. Just charge your phone or camera, and that is all you need!

2) Weather and "abuse" resistant

weatherproof waterproof gimbal stabilizerTravelers, and especially people who hike or camp in the outdoors, know all too well how their stuff can take a beating. You may have a protective case on your phone, but what about your other camera gear?

Electronic gimbal stabilizers are fragile and not designed to withstand falling out of a bag onto concrete, or being dropped while you're climbing a rocky trail. Additionally, almost none of them are water- and weatherproof, which means you probably won't want to use them outside to record in the rain or snow - or go scuba diving with them. The StayblCam still remains one of the very few "gimbals" that doesn't care what type of weather or water you put it through. This is because of it's durable and rugged construction - made from materials that don't rust or tarnish. 

3) Lightweight and portable 

stayblcam most portable gimbal stabilizer for travelingThe majority of other stabilizers of its kind are clunky or awkwardly shaped. Not exactly convenient when you are trying to pack light for your trip, with everything fitting just so into your suitcase or backpack. Thanks to its unique shape, with rounded ends on each side - the StayblCam easily slips into any side pocket, and fits snugly next to the crappy souvenirs you're bringing back to your family when you get home.

4) Works with more cameras than ANY other gimbal stabilizer

That's right.. You won't find any other gimbal / video stabilizer on the market that can work with as many type of phones or cameras as the StayblCam! No more packing one video tool for each camera (or having to fiddle with awkward adapters when switching between your GoPro and mobile phone for example).

best travel gimbal stabilizer for foldables, 360 cameras and more

Can't find a virtual reality VR gimbal or stabilizer for your 360 camera? Look no more...

360 camera gimbal stabilizer virtual reality

5) Priced just right 

A good quality electronic stabilizer will cost around $150 or more, depending on the model. There are some even cheaper ones from overseas on the market, but - you usually get what you pay for.

Traveling can get expensive, but at only $74.95 the StayblCam price is still hard to beat. Plus, with a lifetime warranty and a no questions asked 30-day return policy - it's a deal too hard to resist for thousands of StayblCam fans all over the world.

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