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The StayblCam is a truly unique video stabilizer for iPhone, Android, GoPro, and any other compact camera (DSLR camera support also coming soon!). Make your videos look professional with ease! It is 100% compatible with ALL old and new iPhone models, Samsung models, and pretty much any other smartphone on the market!

Anyone who has ever tried to record video with a smart phone or small digital cameras knows it is nearly impossible to avoid shaking or jittering in the picture - no matter how steady we try holding our hands. This becomes obvious too when watching other people's videos we see on TV, Youtube, or social media. They are shaky, shaky, shaky... The StayblCam solves these issues once and for all.

Unlike traditional stabilizers, the StayblCam does NOT require you to understand counterweight balancing, adjustments of nuts and bolts, or other cumbersome setups that just get in the way. Just whip out the StayblCam, put your phone or camera on it - and shoot.

Best of all? It was designed specifically to work great with cameras like the GoPro Hero, Contour (and other action cameras) - as well as with your iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, LG, or any other smart phone on the market!

  • Easy to use with one hand
  • Full control of tilt, pan, and angles
  • Collapsible and compact for easy storage
  • No adjustments of nuts, bolts, or counterbalancing

Measuring in at just 10 inches, the StayblCam is very portable, and fits nicely in your backpack, travel bag, or glove compartment. Traditional stabilizers are often too clunky to carry around.

However - it can also be stretched out so you can shoot video at heights of 3 feet above your head - or as low as 1 inch off the ground!

The StayblCam is very comfortable and easy to use with one hand. No more awkward postures or twisted wrists trying to hold your camera phone at the right angle to get that perfect shot.

You move and control the StayblCam by the gyroscopic grip action handle, using only your thumb and index finger. Your ring finger and pinky can then control your camera angles and motions like this:

The StayblCam even works upside down! Record low-to-the-ground, stable video of moving pets or children with your iPhone, Android phone, or GoPro. This unique design also allows you to do something NO other camera stabilizer on the market can do – that is, you can record stable video at ground or floor level - while you are walking normal, standing up.

Cam, and easily create cool and professional looking "fly-by" shots at all kinds of angles.

In addition to camera phones, the StayblCam can be used with almost any smart phone and compact camera (up to 300 grams = 11 oz, in weight) such as the GoPro and others. Simply detach the smart phone adapter, and mount any lightweight camera fitted with a standard ¼” tripod screw hole.

The firm grip of the StayblCam smart phone adapter (shown here on the right) is another unique design feature that ensures your phone is held tight in place while filming.

No more dropping your phone or camera while you are trying to record video.

The StayblCam is ready to go and compatible the moment you start using it. It's like having a Hollywood-grade steadicam for your GoPro, your iPhone, Android phone - or any other compact camera (as long as it has a universal 1/4" tripod screw).

Although there are already video stabilizers for camcorders and DSLR cameras on the market today – those stabilizers have a few shortcomings in terms of what they can and cannot be used for.

Commercially available camera stabilizers are not at all suited for smart phones or compact video cameras like the GoPro. These stabilizers were designed for the heavier DSLR cameras or the handheld style camcorders. Not to mention that they are not that easy to operate for the average consumer.

Most often, users have to spend some time setting a balance point with counterweights, screws, or levers – and they are prone to problems like wind affecting balance. Additionally – existing stabilizers are not exactly compact and handy to bring around. They are often clunky, come in pieces, or can’t be tucked away or taken out for quick use.

Additionally, most stabilizers are often costly for the average user. When the StayblCam goes into production, it will be made available at a very reasonable price that anyone can afford!

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