StayblCam Camera Stabilizer and Phone Gimbal

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The StayblCam is the World's #1 NON-electronic phone gimbal and video stabilizer. Unlike the competition - it is fully waterproof, and is compatible with more devices than ANY other smartphone gimbal on the market!

Easily create smooth and professional looking videos with ease - whether you're using an iPhone, foldable phone, a GoPro, or a 360/VR camera. Featuring a patented, collapsible design - the StayblCam even lets you shoot low to the ground or high above your head.

  • NO batteries or charging

  • The Most Device-Compatible Gimbal

  • Collapsible and compact

  • Lifetime Warranty

Like NOTHING Else on the Market

The StayblCam is a camera stabilizer like NO other. Record professional looking, smooth and steady video using any almost any phone or camera of your choice - without ever having to charge any batteries or fumble with frustrating calibrations.


It is VERY easy to use, so anyone - young and old - can create great looking videos with no extra skills. It is also compact and portable, and can be stretched out to allow for video recording up to 3 feet (1 meter) above your head – or all the way down to ground level!


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Waterproof & Durable
waterproof stabilizer scuba

Most other camera stabilizers are sensitive to drops, scratching, or parts coming off after heavy use. Being waterproof - the StayblCam is also the only GoPro gimbal you can take under water without having to worry about rust or damage.

Made in USA, from impact-resistant and strong, stainless materials - you can be sure that your StayblCam can stand up to wear and tear. 

⚠️However, if your StayblCam breaks for ANY reason - your purchase is always protected by our lifetime warranty! Simply contact us for any questions on how to get a replacement! 

Portable, with NO Charging
camera stabilizer for iphone and gopro gimbal

Measuring in at just 11 inches when collapsed, the StayblCam camera stabilizer is extremely portable, and fits nicely in your backpack, bag, or glove compartment

✈️ Perfect for traveling! Traditional gimbal stabilizers are often clunky to carry around and take up too much room when you want to travel light. Competing products also use batteries and need to be recharged after only a couple of hours of use. The StayblCam is mechanical - so you can take it anywhere without ever worrying about charging!

Extremely Versatile
gopro gimbal stabilizer

Unlike regular phone gimbals - the StayblCam even works upside down! Record low-to-the-ground, stable video of moving pets or children.

Capture the world from your pet's eye-level - or get cool "impossible" footage at angles never before possible with a stabilizer. 👀

best phone gimbal to film cats dogs pets children

Not only that - the StayblCam can also be stretched out so you can shoot video at heights of 3 feet above your head. Use it as a selfie video stick, shoot high above crowds of people, or up at hard to reach places.

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Did you know, we have 30-day, Money Back Guarantee? 

That's right - if you for whatever reason decide that the StayblCam you bought is not for you - we will happily refund you once we receive the returned item. Customer satisfaction means everything to us - and we want every customer to feel 100% satisfied with their purchase. 

"I wanted to say thank you for handling my return so quickly. I see you reversed the funds back to my card today. I might come back to re-order again later, thanks"
- Aaron F., Dallas, TX

"this seller handled my return without a hitch and I got my funds the same day Mary confirmed that they had received my returned StayblCam"
- Michelle C., Tacoma, WA

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