The StayblCam - A Videography Tool Like NO Other!
The StayblCam - A Videography Tool Like NO Other!

What sets the StayblCam apart from the rest?

While various types of smartphone / action-camera stabilizers do exist – the market is still hungry for non-electronic, battery-free, waterproof and rugged stabilizers that are easier to operate. Built-in ‘stabilization’ features in modern phones can only compensate for so much vibration and shaking – ensuring a continuous, rising demand for better mechanical video stabilizers.

  • Unlike competing stabilizers - also works with ALL action cameras, point and shoot cameras, and even many 360 / VR cameras!
  • Very easy to use
  • Wide range of flexibility (1" off ground to 3 feet above head)
  • Non-electronic = Endless hours of operation
  • Collapsible, portable, and waterproof
  • Can be mounted to a tripod and hold other accessories
  • Way more affordable for most - priced at just $74.95

Full Compatibility with Many Camera Types

Unlike our competitors - the StayblCam can handle them all

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What are the Pros and Cons of competing stabilizers?

stayblcam versus gimbal stabilizers and other competitors