FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to my country?

Yes we ship all over the world.

If I order today / now, how long does it take before I will receive it?

Orders placed before 3pm (PST) will usually get shipped out that same day. Delivery takes 3-5 days in the USA, and 7-14 days internationally, depending on country

Will the StayblCam work with my iPhone?

Yes, the StayblCam works with ALL versions of the iPhone

Will the StayblCam work with my smartphone ?

Yes, the StayblCam works with all smartphones, except for the thicker flip-phones, or phones that use a thick protective case (the case may have to be taken off).

Will the StayblCam work with my camera or camcorder?

The StayblCam supports cameras that weigh up to 400 grams (14 ounces). For heavier cameras and DSLR cameras, we have a DSLR addon that will be launched in Spring 2016. More details about this will be announced soon through or blog, newsletter, and social media

Is the StayblCam waterproof so I can use in rain, or under water?

YES. You can take it scuba diving, white river rafting, storm chasing, or snow boarding.. The StayblCam was designed to withstand all kinds of weather so you can get smooth looking shots no matter what.

What is the size / weight of the StayblCam?

It weights approximately 1 pound (450 grams) and is 11 inches long

What is the physical range of movement of the StayblCam?

You can record video with your phone all the way down to the floor or ground - but also raise the StayblCam upwards up to 2-3 feet (60-90 cm) above your head. The low-glide shots are perfect for recording dogs, cats, or little kids to see the world they see. But if you want a higher view-point (for instance, at a concert or in a large crowd) - bring the StayblCam up over your head to record a view that people around you will envy.

Using the StayblCam gives you the same range of flexibility as your hand and arm. By letting your fingers control the action - you can tilt the StayblCam to pretty much any angle you want. These types of movements are typically not easily accomplished with other, traditional video stabilizers - as they often constrict you to a horizontal view only.

Does it require any batteries to operate?

No. The StayblCam does not rely on anything electrical.

Which phones or cameras are not compatible with the StayblCam?

Pretty much all modern cell phones / smart phones will work great with the StayblCam. The exception would be phones that are unusually thick, exceeding more than 18mm thickness (11/16 inches). Any action camera or compact camera will also work, as long as they have a universal 1/4" tripod mount screw built-in - or if they can be fitted with a tripod mount. Cameras should not exceed more than 450 grams (approx 1 lb) in weight for proper balance.

I want to minimize or avoid paying customs / toll when my shipment arrives in my country. Can you set the value of the shipment as ‘gift’ or to a low $ ?

Unfortunately this is outside of our control, as our fulfillment center handles all shipping, and they can also be held liable if there is ever an issue with incorrectly specified shipment values to overseas toll authorities

Can I use the StayblCam under water or in rainy/cold/wet/snowy weather?

Yes, the StayblCam is completely water and weatherproof

Is the mobile phone adapter included / Do I need anything extra to make it work with a phone?

The mobile adapter (as shown in our photos) is always included, and you only need this GoPro adapter if you want to use it with a GoPro camera. Other compact cameras just screws onto the standard ¼” inch tripod screw

When will the DSLR capability / addon come out?

This will be launched in Spring 2016. More details about this will be announced soon through or blog, newsletter, and social media

I am a Youtuber/vlogger/creator - and I would love to receive a review unit if you guys give out promo units?

Great! Please visit our StayblCam sponsorship and brand ambassador page to see what are looking for in potential brand ambassadors / partners / sponsors. Then write us an email and explain briefly who you are and about your audience/subscribers, and we will get right back to you about this!