StayblCam GoPro and iPhone Stabilizer Starter Kit (Bundle)

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Bundle Kit includes; White StayblCam, 360 Degree Pivot Head, GoPro adapter, and lanyard. The StayblCam is a truly unique video stabilizer for smartphones, iPhones, and compact cameras such as the GoPro. It lets you instantly make smooth and professional looking videos with ease!
  • Easy to use with one hand
  • Full control of tilt, pan, and angles
  • Fully compatible with all smartphones and most compact cameras
  • Collapsible and compact for easy storage
  • Lifetime Warranty - Worldwide Shipping

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Anyone who has ever tried to record video with a smart phone or small digital cameras knows it is nearly impossible to avoid shaking or jittering in the picture - no matter how steady we try holding our hands. This becomes obvious too when watching other people's videos we see on TV, Youtube, or social media. They are shaky, shaky, shaky... The StayblCam solves these issues once and for all.

stayblcam 5 star review
“Tremendously improved stability for videos on smartphones. I don't have a GoPro but the video clips I have seen of that look just as good as mine from my smartphone. Your videos do look like they were shot professionally” – Scott Miller


Got questions? - Check our FAQ page here!

Portable, with NO Batteries or Chargers

Waterproof, Durable, and Rugged

Record Comfortably for as Long as You Need To

Extremely Versatile
Full Compatibility with Most Phones and Cameras

In addition to working with smartphones, the StayblCam can be used with almost any camcorder or camera weighing up to 450 grams (1 lb) such as the GoPro and others. Simply unscrew the top mobile adapter, and mount any such camera fitted with a standard ¼” tripod screw hole.

The StayblCam is ready to go and compatible the moment you start using it. It's like having a Hollywood steadicam with you wherever you go.

It was designed specifically to work great with cameras like the GoPro Hero, Contour (and other action cameras) - as well as with your iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, LG, or any other smart phone on the market

gopro gimbal stabilizer
gopro gimbal stabilizer

A Versatile Video Stabilizer Like Nothing Else on the Market

Although there are other video stabilizers on the market – almost all of them still have a few shortcomings in terms of what they can and cannot be used for.

Many competing stabilizers are also not that easy to operate for the average consumer. Most often with other mechanical stabilizers, users have to spend some time setting a balance point with counterweights, screws, or levers – and they are prone to problems like wind affecting balance. Electronic gimbal stabilizers have limitations with battery time, fragile design, and limited range. The StayblCam was designed from the ground up to be extremely easy to use for anyone.

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