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3-in-1 Lens Kit for Smartphones (Macro + Wide + Fisheye)

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This very useful, high-quality lens kit includes 3 practical lenses that fit most smart phones. The lenses are made from precision glass set in matte aluminum frames.

These lenses can make a big difference when you're capturing either narrow spaces, large areas, or very tiny details. They also work just as well for video as they do for taking pictures.

The following is included in this kit:

Macro lens

This lens is ideal for taking extreme close-up photos or videos of very small things such as insects, jewelry, artwork, etc.

Wide angle lens

The wide angle lens really works great when you want to bring more of a scene into your shot. This is especially practical when taking video or photos of rooms or spaces where you normally would have a limited field of view. See the product photos on the left for a comparison.

Fish-eye, "super wide angle" lens

The Fish Eye lens has for many years been a favorite of extreme sports enthusiasts because it really does give you an extreme field of view that not even a regular wide angle lens can do. With almost 180 degrees of view, you can capture everything that is going on without really having to pan the camera much at all.

Also included in this kit are:

  • Lens clip for super quick on/off mounting to any smart phone camera
  • Convenient carrying pouch for safe keeping
  • Protective lens caps