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StayblCam Value Pack

What's in the Value Pack?

Our Value Pack is our best seller for good reason. Along with your choice of a white or black colored StayblCam - you also receive several other products that will help you get even more creative with your videos!

Upgrade today , and get these great accessories included with your order:

360-Degree Pivoting Mount

With this pivoting head mount you can adjust your camera to capture your subject at more angles. Think of that plant shot or product shot that's at the same angle against your background. Works on any tripod or in combination with the StayblCam. It's fitted with a 1/4" standard tripod screw, so you can use it with either the standard StayblCam smart phone adapter, the GoPro mount, or with any compact camera mounted directly onto it.

  • The pivoting head lets you twist and lock your camera into virtually any angle. Combine it with your StayblCam to get those 'hard to get' angles from distance or in awkward positions.
  • Featuring a solid steel ball joint, encased in a strong, full-metal construction - this pivoting head was built to last.
  • Works just as well with StayblCam, any tripod, or any other equipment that has a 1/4" threaded male/female screw holes.

3-in-1 Lens Kit

This very useful, high-quality lens kit includes 3 practical lenses that fit most smart phones. The lenses are made from precision glass set in matte aluminum frames.

These lenses can make a big difference when you're capturing either narrow spaces, large areas, or very tiny details. They also work just as well for video as they do for taking pictures.

Macro lens

This lens is ideal for taking extreme close-up photos or videos of very small things such as insects, jewelry, artwork, etc.

Wide angle lens

The wide angle lens really works great when you want to bring more of a scene into your shot. This is especially practical when taking video or photos of rooms or spaces where you normally would have a limited field of view. See the product photos on the left for a comparison.

Fish-eye, "super wide angle" lens

The Fish Eye lens has for many years been a favorite of extreme sports enthusiasts because it really does give you an extreme field of view that not even a regular wide angle lens can do. With almost 180 degrees of view, you can capture everything that is going on without really having to pan the camera much at all.

Also included in this kit are:

  • Lens clip for super quick on/off mounting to any smart phone camera
  • Protective lens caps
Flexible Mini Tripod

Flexible / bendable tripod (6 in. length) with non-skid, rubber feet. This handy little tripod is small enough to fit in your pocket - but gives you a big opportunity to set up the perfect camera angle almost anywhere. Place it on either a flat or uneven surface - or tie it around anything it can get a grip on!

Suction Cup Mount

Perfect for mounting your phone or action camera onto any smooth, flat surface. This suction cup mount can be adjusted and locked in to almost any angle using the adjustable locking screws. Provides for a VERY strong suction!

GoPro Mount

This universal GoPro mount allows you to easily attach your GoPro to the StayblCam. Screws onto the universal 1/4" tripod screw at the top of the StayblCam in seconds. Shown here with the 360-degree pivoting mount (also included in the Value Pack).

Universal Phone Adapter

This stretchable adapter allows you to fit thicker phone cases onto the StayblCam video stabilizer, or on any tripod or mount with a 1/4" tripod screw.

Works with Otterbox, LifeProof cases, and other thick/wide phones and cases.